What We Do

We specialize in addressing risks and optimizing performance to achieve goals, at the intersection of the complex system and the people doing the work. Achieving these objectives is only made possible with the understanding that (a) adaptive capacity builds resilience. (b) resilience builds robust systems, (c) safety is always a concern, and reliability risk is always present in a complex system, and (d) that the human is the most adaptable component within any system.

We work collaboratively with leaders to:

Build adaptive capacity in workers and the processes supporting them

Detect and separate the performance signals from the noise

Identify and implement high impact resilience practices and integrate those findings into work design

Recognize the impacts of upstream influences on the downstream work and workers

Deal effectively with reliability risks and safety concerns

Set the workers up for success

The most satisfying part of our work is when our clients create and sustain their own successful human performance communities of practice.